I'm an advertising photographer/videographer based in Los Angeles, California. My mission is to create striking advertising photography, corporate photography and editorial photography of people for major advertising agencies, fortune 500 corporations and major magazines. I shoot photography and video assignments throughout California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego as well as the rest of the world. As a photo educator I am happy to share my unique vision and methods. I'm currently teaching classes at College of the Canyons in video production for professional photographers and photography students. I give workshops, seminars and lectures on short form video production at colleges, organizations and conferences around the world.

Secrets of Video for Photographers in Portland Oregon

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Newspace Center of Photography was the perfect setting for my Friday evening Secrets of Video for Photographers seminar.  We set up in the newly constructed main gallery surrounded by photography by local photographers.  There were an interesting variety of photographers from advertising, editorial, commercial, corporate, architectural, wedding and portraiture that attended my presentations. Today’s photographers realize the need to get into video from the many requests they get from clients.

Saturday’s workshop was a combination of studio owners and some employees from Pro Photo Supply.  The photographers were either getting into shooting video or sharpening their video skills by being introduced to new video techniques/products and their uses.  The Pro Photo Supply employees both helped out with support and educated themselves on how to better advise customers on the products available to make shooting video easier.

Lee White talking about video to photographers in Portland, OR by ©Daven Mathies

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Sennheiser Condenser Microphones and Wireless Team Up

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Sennheiser condenser microphones and Sennheiser wireless systems are my go to microphones.  I’m comfort handling just about any situation that comes up with my ME series of condenser microphones capsules with the K6 power module and Evolution wireless 100 G3 wireless ENG kit.  I always try and use one of the ME series microphones directly cabled to the camera or a Beachtek DXA-SLR camera adapter with a balanced XLR cable.  When that is not practical, my next choice might surprise you!

When I can’t cable the ME microphone directly because the distance is to far to conveniently use a balanced XLR cable, I use a Sennheiser SKP 100 GE wireless plug-on transmitter.  This gives me the quality of a full size microphone and the convenience of the wireless.  The plug-on goes right into the XLR pins on the K6 power module and locks in place for security.  The plug-on transmitter does not supply the phantom power that the ME series needs to operate which is no problem since the K6 module allows for a AA battery to be installed to supply the power for the microphone.  The plug-on transmitter sends signals to the evolution wireless 100 G3 on camera receiver, again going directly into the camera or through a Beachtek DXA-SLR camera adapter.

In the picture below you see the Sennheiser plug-on transmitter attached on the end of the Sennheiser K6 power module and ME66 microphone capsule in a K-Tek shock mount at the end of a Manfrotto boom stand.  I felt the microphone system, boom and stand fit into the look of the stage and the feeling that Lacey Anzelc was being interviewed on camera that I left it in for the viewer to see during the very wide shot…

Sennheiser SKP 100 plug-on wireless transmitter on K6 and ME66 during interview with Lacey Anzelc

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