I'm an advertising photographer/videographer based in Los Angeles, California. My mission is to create striking advertising photography, corporate photography and editorial photography of people for major advertising agencies, fortune 500 corporations and major magazines. I shoot photography and video assignments throughout California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego as well as the rest of the world. As a photo educator I am happy to share my unique vision and methods. I'm currently teaching classes at College of the Canyons in video production for professional photographers and photography students. I give workshops, seminars and lectures on short form video production at colleges, organizations and conferences around the world.

The Super Fast Hoodman Raw Steel 1000x Compact Flash Card

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As an advertising photographer that is also into video I’m always looking for the best media I can get.  I want fast, sturdy cards that I can trust to record and keep my data safe.  This is especially true when I travel.  I’m going to be spending over three weeks in China shooting once in a lifetime projects.  I taking the Hoodman Raw Steel 1000x Compact Flash card and 300x SDHC cards.

Hoodman 300x SDHC

Hoodman 300x SDHC

Hoodman Raw Steel 1000x compact=

Hoodman Raw Steel 1000x compact flash card

Just remember to update your firmware to the latest version before trying to use these cards in your cameras.  You might find some side benefits like upgrading the Canon 7D firmware to the 2.3 version will allow you to finally control the audio levels manually.  It does not deal with the issue of connecting professional audio XLR cable which will need to be run through a Beachtek adapter but again there are many advantages in controlling the audio by doing it  that way

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Roberts Camera Supplying Your Photo and Video Needs

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Last chance! Hurry and get your submissions in The APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest. The contest closes Sunday June 2th 5:00 PM, so you have less than a week!

The prize for the “Best Timelapse” category is partly sponsored by Roberts Camera is a Tamrac Jazz 83 Camera Bag with custom neoprene large lens pouch, Promaster optic lens cleaning tissue, 8GB SDHC card, Robert’s compact DSLR carrying case with vest/belt attachement.

Roberts Camera opened its’ doors on August 21, 1957.  While not always a photo specialty store; over the past 56 years we have grown into a premiere source in the Midwest for photo, video and electronics equipment.  We have a group of professionals here that are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the photography industry and the people in it.  We value our customers (these days we can call most of them friends) and feel lucky to do business with them each and every day.  Roberts not only focuses on the retail and on-line side of things, but we try and grow our customer’s knowledge base about the equipment they are buying as well as photography in general by offering many classes and seminars.  We hope that your experience with Roberts is first class, and we hope we can continue to help you capture great moments for years to come.

Visit us at either of our brick and mortar locations in Indiana, online at robertscamera.com, or call us for help at 1-800-726-5544.

Roberts Downtown Indy: 255 S. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46225

Roberts North Store: 12761 Old Meridian Street Carmel, IN 46032

For more information go to Roberts Camera (link: http://www.robertscamera.com/)

Interested in winning the Tamarac?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual  Short Video Contest for 2013.

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Creative Cloud Changes Everything

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The prizes for the Best Editing category in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest is a 1 year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe believes the creative process can be better. New, more connected tools. Fonts, files,ï¾  and projects always in sync. Your creative community just a click away.

All the tools you love.  Totally re-imagined.

Your favorite tools are about to get even better. Introducing Creative Cloudâ„¢ desktop applications, including Adobe® Photoshop® CC and Illustrator® CC. They’re the next generation of CS tools. Get hundreds of all-new features. Keep your entire creative world in sync — files, feedback from team members, fonts, settings, and updates. And, as always, your applications live on your desktop, not in a browser and not in the cloud.

Mission control for creativity.

With Creative Cloud, your entire creative world is synced and organized for you across multiple devices. Track comments posted to shared files, keep tabs on your work and your followers on Behance®, respond to invitations to join a project folder, manage your fonts, download the latest product updates, and more.

Everything you need to create.

All-new desktop versions of your favorite creative tools and services, check. Immediate access to new features and updates, check. And that’s just the beginning. With Creative Cloudâ„¢, everything you need to create intuitively and collaboratively is included. All-new tools and services will be available in June just as the APA 2nd Short Video Contest closes.

Interested in winning a subscription?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual  Short Video Contest for 2013. (link: http://www.tinyurl.com/apavideo).

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Think Tank Photo Designs Carrying Solutions for the Working Photographer

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Hurry and get your submissions in.  The contest closes Sunday May 26th, so you only have a week!

The prizes for the Best Overall and Best Documentary categories in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest are the Airport 4-Sight Rolling Camera Bag and Airport International Rolling Camera Bag.

Think Tank Photo Airport  4-Sight

Think Tank Photo Airport 4-Sight

The Airport 4-Sight™ is the most convenient, lightweight camera bag solution on 4-wheels. With the introduction of the 4-Sight, Think Tank Photo has created an entire new category of lightweight rolling camera bags.  Features: International and U.S. carry-on size, 4 wheel rollers minimize effort when transporting gear, especially in crowds and airports, Side rolling feature easily navigates narrow confines such as airplane aisles,  two position locking handle for better ergonomic needs, Lightweight, yet offers outstanding protection for Pro DSLR kit and other fragile accessories, 3 handles for easy retrieval from overhead bins, integrated removable Cable Management organizer, lockable zipper slides on main compartment.

Airport International Rolling Camera Bag

Airport International Rolling Camera Bag

The Airport Internationalâ„¢ V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag has been designed to be both huge and small. The perfect roller for traveling both US domestic and overseas, it’s compact yet spacious and fits in overhead bins on most international flights. The Airport International V2.0 is a real workhorse with room to carry two or three pro-size bodies (unattached), all of the standard lenses and other gear a professional or semi-professional photographers may need while working on-location. Front cable & lock secures laptop, keys or other other items, strong rear cable & lock secures entire bag to a fixed object.  Holds up to a 500 f/4 lens, unattached, additional smaller lenses and up to two, professional size camera bodies

Think Tank Photo was founded by professional photojournalists who now firmly occupy the cross-over/convergence space.  Think Tank Photo focuses on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs. By focusing on “speed” and “accessibility,” we prepare photographers to Be Ready “Before The Moment,” allowing them to document those historic moments that reflect their personal visions and artistic talents. For some companies, it is only about the product. For us, it is more: It is about supporting photographers doing their job. If we can design products that help photographers travel easier, take pictures faster, and organize their gear more efficiently, then we will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves.

More information at thinktankphoto

Interested in winning one of these cases?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual  Short Video Contest for 2013.

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O-Fly Lightweight Shoulder Rig and iLED 144 Dual color light

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The prizes for the Best Overall and Most Innovative categories in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest are the O-Fly Lightweight Shoulder Rig and  iLED 144 Dual color light respectively.

ikan designs and manufactures digital video and DSLR gear used by independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers. Our mission is to build products creative people want and need at a reasonable price.

ikan’s commitment to delivering quality gear with exceptional customer service sets us apart from competitors who offer similar products. These traits have helped us become the leading manufacturer of affordable production gear for use in the field or in-studio.

ikan O-FLY

ikan O-FLY Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig

The Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig, O-Fly, features lightweight and easy to break down comfortable padded shoulder, ribbed non-slip rubber handles, offset system with vertical adjustment, and designed for DSLRs and small to mid-size camcorders.

Ikan iLED144

Ikan iLED144

The iLED 144 On Camera Dual Color LED Light features wide angle beam pattern, tungsten to daylight switching, intensity dimming, on-board battery indicator, and stackable mounting option.

Find out more at http://ikancorp.com

Interested in winning a shoulder rig and on camera light?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual contest for 2013 at www.tinyurl.com/apavideo.

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Master Directing With Hollywood Camera Work

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The Prize for APA 2nd Short Video Contest “Best Directing” and “Best Overall” categories is sponsored by Hollywood Camera Work and is a Master Course DVD Set

Master Course DVD Set – The most comprehensive Directing Course in the world. Over 9 hours of 3D animated instruction. Region Free. Plays on all DVD players in the US, 99% of all DVD players worldwide and all computers and notebooks worldwide. Includes access to the Hollywood Camera Work User Group, where you can discuss high-end filmmaking technique with like-minded and serious individuals and Personal support and coaching by Per Holmes through the Forum — get help with specific production problems, take part in exercises, and get the most out of the training by having direct access to its creator.

More information at Hollywood Camera Work

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A New Way to Move the Camera the indiSYSTEM Vortex dolly

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The prize for the “Best Dramatic Short” sponsored by indiSystem is the Vortex DSLR Dolly.

indiSYSTEM Vortex dolly

indiSYSTEM Vortex dolly

Their slogan isn’t a fancy one made by a focus group, or a bunch of ad men, it is the philosphy behind indiSYSTEM.

indiSYSTEM is capable of being your number one source for follow focus, matte box, DSLR rigs, camera slider, and other custom camera accessories meant to make your photography life easier and more efficient.

The Vortex dolly is a completely new way of moving the camera for spectacular new shots.  Its’ two arms allow movements that up until now have not been possible with any other dolly.  You can move in/out, around corners, in circles just about anyway you can imagine.  Think combination steadicam, slider, and skater dolly, all quickly set up on a set of tripod legs or the available indiBASE!  It’s hard to describe but a dream to use.

For more about the Vortex visit www.indiSYSTEM.com

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Chimera When You Need Innovative Lightbank Solutions

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The prize for the “Best Lighting” sponsored by Chimera – Choice of Medium or Small Video Pro Lightbank or 1X1 LED Lightbank in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest.

Every photographer, videographer, cinematographer and lighting specialist knows it takes more than vision to create a masterpiece. It takes the right equipment. And for more than 30 years, Chimera has developed and invented innovative products that have changed the way the industry creates perfect light.

Chimera continues to innovate and invent solutions for photography and film—from the creation of the famed Illuminata, to the development of Speed Rings and Pancake Lanterns, to the 2009 introduction of the F2X for large area lighting. You can count on us to give you the solutions for tomorrow’s projects!

Our lighting essentials and accessories are lightweight, portable, durable and heat resistant—making it easy for you to turn your vision into a masterpiece.

Video Pro Chimera Lightbanks

Video Pro Chimera Lightbanks

Video Pro lightbanks are all perfect when you need controlled soft lighting on small sets. They’re also ideal for use as a separation light or small fill. These standard-depth banks are extremely lightweight and are primarily used with single broad-beamed, open-faced instruments.

They’re ideal for all Chimera Circular Speed Rings measuring 3 to 9 inches (78 to 230 mm,) Adjustable Speed Rings from 5 to 9 inches (125 to 230 mm) and Dedicated Speed Rings.   Available in sizes from XXS to Large.   Video PRO Plus comes standard with three screens (full, half and quarter grid) so you can quickly and easily modify light output.  Screen constructed of unique, custom material that’s anti-aging and anti-static.

You can also use Fresnels up to 1,000 watts, especially if you use diffusion in the gel holder to spread the beam.  Lightbanks available for Barger 4 and Barger 6 Stip Lights.

1X1LED LED lightbank

TECH Lightbank 1X1 LED lightbank

There are also the Chimera TECH Lightbanks for LED, Plasma and Remote Phosphor lights—the perfect way to get the most out of the new lighting technologies , and still create beautiful, diffused talent-friendly light.

Info on the Video Pro Lightbanks and 1×1 LED Lightbank can be found at www.chimeralighting.com.

Interested in winning a lightbank?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual Short Contest for 2013 at www.tinyurl.com/apavideo.

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DP4-EVF the Field Monitor and Electronic View Finder in One

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smallHD DP4-EVF

smallHD DP4-EVF

Title: DP4-EVF the Field Monitor and Electronic View Finder in One

The prize for the Best Music Video category in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest is a smallHD DP4-EVF

The SmallHD DP4-EVF was designed from the ground up for the DLSR shooter. In dynamic shooting environments pulling critical focus and maintaining correct exposure can be a challenge. The DP4-EVF’s extensive software features are designed to continuously give you the information you need, so you can concentrate on composition.

The DP4-EVF is two tools in one, 1) a world class standalone field monitor and 2) an electronic view finder. There is no other product on the market that provides both of these features in one lightweight integrated package.

Features Most Interest To DSLR Shooters:

Focus Assist Plus provides best in class focus assist technology.

Multiple exposure management tools

DSLR Auto Scale to maximize the size of the displayed image

Integration with both Canon and Nikon battery systems

Bright screen for outdoor shooting

Electronic Viewfinder

HDMI pass thru to allow others on the set to see the action

SmallHD was founded in by budget conscience filmmakers to deliver innovation and unprecedented customer support for the DLSR shooter. The following is a short list of those innovations.

Find out more at http://www.smallhd.com

Interested in winning a production monitor?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual  Short Video Contest for 2013 at www.tinyurl.com/apavideo.

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First Cut Pro for Your Collaboration Needs

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The prize for the Best Documentary category in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest is a 1- year subscription to First Cut Pro’s “Power User” Account.

Valued at over $1400/year, the power user account gives you full access to First Cut’s professional video collaboration tool that saves you time and money during post-production and editing.  You’ll have nearly unlimited resources to share, collaborate and organize your post-production efforts with over 56 video viewing rooms, 7 concurrent projects, and up to 20 collaborators on each viewing room per month.  In addition, you will have full access to our excellent service/support and continual product updates.

First Cut Pro is a professional video collaboration software built to streamline the video post-production and editing process. This software focuses on three vital aspects of the feedback and approval process: collection of feedback, organization of video notes and integration into the current post-production environment.

They have integrated feature-set is host agnostic which utilizes the security and availability of major video hosting services. Leveraging that technology, they deliver content to video stakeholders in a web-based viewing environment enriched with tools to provide frame-specific feedback on the various cuts made during post-production.

Supporting a streamlined feedback collection, they have built and continue to improve upon, a project management interface. The interface is intended to clearly deliver video notes to project managers and editors for review. During the note-review process, users are able to identify important edits to be made based on the content of the notes generated by the viewing room and it’s viewers.

They have built the ability to export specified video notes into a number of formats. First Cut Pro currently supports the ability to export markers to .CSV files for a spreadsheet, .XML metadata files for Adobe Premier/After Effects and Apple’s Final Cut Pro (7 and 10), as well as a formatted .txt file for import into AVID Media Composer. Combined with the other features available in First Cut Pro, our marker export feature allows collaborators to easily provide actionable feedback directly to editors in the simplest way possible.

First Cut Pro creates a user-friendly environment that promotes collaboration during video post-production. The ability to simultaneously contribute allows for increased communication among team members, optimized time usage of all stakeholders decreasing total post-production cycle time, and reduced confusion during the feedback process.

Find out more at http://www.firstcutpro.com

Interested in winning a year of First Cut Pro?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual  Short Video Contest for 2013 at www.tinyurl.com/apavideo.

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