I'm an advertising photographer/videographer based in Los Angeles, California. My mission is to create striking advertising photography, corporate photography and editorial photography of people for major advertising agencies, fortune 500 corporations and major magazines. I shoot photography and video assignments throughout California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego as well as the rest of the world. As a photo educator I am happy to share my unique vision and methods. I'm currently teaching classes at College of the Canyons in video production for professional photographers and photography students. I give workshops, seminars and lectures on short form video production at colleges, organizations and conferences around the world.

O-Fly Lightweight Shoulder Rig and iLED 144 Dual color light

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The prizes for the Best Overall and Most Innovative categories in the APA 2nd Annual Short Video Contest are the O-Fly Lightweight Shoulder Rig and  iLED 144 Dual color light respectively.

ikan designs and manufactures digital video and DSLR gear used by independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers. Our mission is to build products creative people want and need at a reasonable price.

ikan’s commitment to delivering quality gear with exceptional customer service sets us apart from competitors who offer similar products. These traits have helped us become the leading manufacturer of affordable production gear for use in the field or in-studio.

ikan O-FLY

ikan O-FLY Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig

The Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig, O-Fly, features lightweight and easy to break down comfortable padded shoulder, ribbed non-slip rubber handles, offset system with vertical adjustment, and designed for DSLRs and small to mid-size camcorders.

Ikan iLED144

Ikan iLED144

The iLED 144 On Camera Dual Color LED Light features wide angle beam pattern, tungsten to daylight switching, intensity dimming, on-board battery indicator, and stackable mounting option.

Find out more at http://ikancorp.com

Interested in winning a shoulder rig and on camera light?  Check out APA’s 2ND Annual contest for 2013 at www.tinyurl.com/apavideo.

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Red Giant Acquires Singular Software

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Red Giant software just announced it has acquired all of the Singular Software products.  This means that the PluralEyes, DualEyes, CloudEyes and Presto plug-ins will now be Red Giant Products.  But never fear as Red Giant has also brought on board the entire engineering team and should release the PluralEyes 3.0 for MAC as scheduled  this summer.  Red Giant is continuing to supple the industry with smart software solutions.

For more information about Red Giant software go to: www.redgiantsoftware.com

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Good DSLR Sound

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Recording good sound with your DSLR can be done.  First, understand the built-in camera microphone is almost worthless.  It can be useful if all else fails or to sync two-system sound but very little beyond that.  Recording sound separately (two-system) with a high quality recorder can produce great sound but comes at the cost of additional recording keeping during the shoot, turning on and off two separate systems for each shot and additional edit time even with automatic syncing software.

So how to get the best sound possible with in-camera synced sound?  First start with a professional quality microphone like one of the Sennheiser ME series condenser microphones such as the ME66 short shotgun with the K6 power module or the EW 100 G3 wireless system.

Sennheiser ME66 Microphone in K-Tek Shock Mount ©Lee White

Then use a quality XLR cable to connect it to the camera.  But wait, there is no XLR input on DSLRs.  So to get the XLR cable to work with your DSLR you need an adapter.

Beachtek DXA-5Da Passive Adapter

Some of the best adapters out there are the Beachtek DXA-5Da and DXA-SLR. Harry Kaufmann of Beachtek was kind enough to describe the differences between the Beachtek DXA-5Da and DXA-SLR.   “Both adapters work on any DSLR camera. The only reason that the DXA-5Da is named as it is is because it was originally designed for the Canon 5D. However, it will work equally well on the 7D or any of the other Canon, Panasonic or Nikon cameras. “

Beachtek DXA_SLR Active Adapter

“The DXA-5Da is a passive device which means it does not provide any amplification or phantom power. The passive circuitry keeps things very simple as there is no electronics to get it the way – it uses simple balancing transformers so it is very robust and completely noise free for superb audio. It can also operate with no battery. It is ideal for sensitive mics like the Sennheiser ME66, Rode VideoMic Pro, wireless mics or as an interface to a mixing board – in these cases no amplification or phantom power are required.  The DXA-SLR is a much more sophisticated active device which has built-it low noise preamps and phantom power so it can be used with virtually any microphone.”

DXA-5Da Adapter Controls

DXA-SLR Adapter Controls

Photos courtesy of Beachtek

Both can disable the AGC and let you set the audio levels manually.  So, if your microphone is a condenser type and you can power it with a battery in the microphone or inside the XLR cable the Beachtek DXA-5Da is a good choice.  If you need to power the microphone from the adapter or to boost the amplification of a less sensitive microphone then the Beachtek DXA-SLR is the right choice.

You can get more information on the Beachtek site at http://www.beachtek.com/ and Sennheiser site at http://www.sennheiserusa.com/.

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Snow Storm Could Not Keep Photogs Away!

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One of those historic snowfalls did not deter New York photographers from getting to Secrets of Video Production for Photographers.  Over 170 professionals enjoyed getting in from the snow and ice in the Root studio to see my Secrets of Video Production for Photographers.  New Yorkers, always being right on top of the latest, asked probing questions and took copious notes.

Just that day, The Wall Street Journal broke the front-page news “Google Jolts Telecom Rivals” about Google starting to supply higher speed connection than presently available.  Google stated it was to improve the rapid downloading of video.  I has been saying this is the year photographers will be have to move into supplying video along with photography or begin to lose ground.

I’m is scheduled to continue spreading the latest in tools and techniques of photography/video in upcoming presentations in Seattle, Chicago and New Jersey.

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Holiday and End of Year Tax Savings

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I hope you will all join me at the Advertising Photographers of America Los Angeles holiday event. You can hear about my up coming video production for photographers events coming in January.

The holidays are here and so is the end of the tax year. While you’re out getting gifts for everyone else, think about what you might like for a gift to yourself. With all the early mornings and late nights you spend happily toiling away at making images, you deserve to take advantage of whatever tax saving you can while getting the equipment and software that make your life easier. Of course, always check with your tax advisor before making purchases.

apple-logo-silver-copyI want to remind you of the Apple Member Purchase Program available for APA members. Do any of us ever have enough computing power? The iPhone can be like an office in your pocket. I have fellow APA members that have their portfolios and videos on their iPhones to show anytime and anyplace, plus they can email images to potential clients in an instant.

Adbase has a load of services for your online marketing needs and is offering 25% until December 30th. Call to see how this fits in with the 15% APA members get as a membership benefit. Make sure you know what your needs are and how they can help you before signing up. Check out their website and don’t be afraid to call them to get answers to all your questions. The phone number is on the home page.

carl_zeiss_logoZeiss is quickly developing a line of Canon ZE lenses with two new additions of the Makro-Planar T* 2/50 and 2/100. Both macro lenses render objects in close-up on a scale of 1:2. To enable such detail, these lenses include Carl Zeiss’s acclaimed “floating elements” design. This special lens alignment enables high optical performance across the entire focusing range, from 0.24 m to infinity as in the case of the 2/50 ZE lens. The Makro-Planar T* 2/50 and Makro-Planar T* 2/100 are currently available for F bayonet (ZF) and K bayonet (ZK) cameras. The Makro-Planar T* 2/50 is also available as a ZF.2 version. Both lens systems are optimized for analog and full-format digital SLR cameras.

The Makro-Planar T* 2/50 ZE will begin shipping in December 2009 and the Makro-Planar T* 2/100 ZE will be available in early 2010.

There are loads more local and national member benefits at the Los Angeles chapter website apa-la.com under the drop down menu MEMBERSHIP

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