I'm an advertising photographer/videographer based in Los Angeles, California. My mission is to create striking advertising photography, corporate photography and editorial photography of people for major advertising agencies, fortune 500 corporations and major magazines. I shoot photography and video assignments throughout California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego as well as the rest of the world. As a photo educator I am happy to share my unique vision and methods. I'm currently teaching classes at College of the Canyons in video production for professional photographers and photography students. I give workshops, seminars and lectures on short form video production at colleges, organizations and conferences around the world.

Secrets of Video for Photographers in Portland Oregon

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Newspace Center of Photography was the perfect setting for my Friday evening Secrets of Video for Photographers seminar.  We set up in the newly constructed main gallery surrounded by photography by local photographers.  There were an interesting variety of photographers from advertising, editorial, commercial, corporate, architectural, wedding and portraiture that attended my presentations. Today’s photographers realize the need to get into video from the many requests they get from clients.

Saturday’s workshop was a combination of studio owners and some employees from Pro Photo Supply.  The photographers were either getting into shooting video or sharpening their video skills by being introduced to new video techniques/products and their uses.  The Pro Photo Supply employees both helped out with support and educated themselves on how to better advise customers on the products available to make shooting video easier.

Lee White talking about video to photographers in Portland, OR by ©Daven Mathies

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Salton Sea meets Panasonic HMC40

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The Panasonic HMC-40 was the perfect companion to shoot at the Salton Sea.  I recently enjoyed four days on a Salton Sea photo trip with 50+ photographers where I gave a video seminar and spent hours talking about video with photographers.  The questions asked were as varied as the type of photographers represented.  We discussed video equipment, software, revenue streams and how video is fitting into the photographer’s workflow.

Lee White shooting Panasonic HMC40 by Craig Mohr www.catfishfarms.com

Back to the Panasonic HMC-40 which has, among other things, two capabilities that I find very useful: waveform and simultaneous viewfinder and LCD viewing.  As I have talked about before, the waveform represents the exposure values much like a histogram set on its side.  Near the top of the scale is 100 percent which is white with no detail in the highlights. Near the bottom is 0 percent which is black with no detail in the shadow areas.  The waveform is produced real-time in the LCD so it makes it easy to judge exposure.

Waveform in LCD of Panasonic HMC-40

Couple the waveform showing in the LCD while I use the viewfinder to see my framing even in the bright sun around the Salton Sea and you have the perfect combination.  I could easily switch back and forth from viewfinder to LCD checking both exposure and framing as I made a camera move through a shot.

Check out the shadow detail recorded in this shot that starts out backlit directly into the sun.  Using the waveform I can easily place the exposure values right where I want.

Click to watch Panasonic dynamic range

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Secrets of Video for Photographers comes to Portland Oregon

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Secrets of video for photographers is coming to Portland for two events that takes away the mystery of video production and replaces it with solid information.  More than just tech talk, Lee White also goes over ideas on how to increase revenue streams and creative strategies.

The evening seminar is two hours jammed packed with need to know info!

When: Friday, April 8, 2011
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm, doors open at 6:30pm
Where: Newspace Center for Photography
1632 S.E. 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
Cost: General $10, ASMP members & Students $5
Register Now!

All attendees will receive free SmartSound music and SonicFire music editing software .

Taking the step from stills to video can be a challenging one. You will have to learn how to deal with motion and sound, tell the visual story in a different way. There is new equipment to master. Post-production can be much more involved and time consuming. The explosion of interest in video both by clients and photographers in the last couple of years has opened new creative avenues for photographers. More photographers are being asked to create video content so are facing new challenges in estimating, production and post-production. Come and learn about the latest tools and techniques needed to create video. Learn how to better estimate the time and costs involved and how you need to approach video differently than stills while using your photographic talents to your advantage.

Lee White’s evening lecture presentation and videos will go over the steps photographers need to know in creating video without tearing their hair out.

During the evening Lee will discuss:
• How photographers can get new clients
• The latest in tools that make video production easier
• The all-important planning stage and what new concepts and costs photographers need to think about
• The importance of post-production
• HDSLR vs Camcorder in video production
• How photographers can apply their present skills to video

The latest equipment and software by sponsors Apple, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Zeiss,  Sennheiser, Beachtek. Red Giant Software, SmartSound, G-Technology, Indisystems, Chimera and Casio will be at the event for photographers to see.


Secrets of Video for Photographers workshop

This fast paced all-day workshop is not to be missed.

When: Saturday, April 9, 2011
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Where: Andy Batt’s Studio
2021 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Cost: General $150; ASMP members & Students $100 – Lunch included
Register Now!

All attendees will receive free SmartSound music and SonicFire music editing software .

Photography and video are coming together. In the last couple of years, the idea of photographers producing video has exploded and photographers now must gear up and learn the language of video. As advertisers and magazines turn to video on the web, cable and mobile devices to get out their message, there are more opportunities than ever for you to do video in tandem with your photography to capture new clients and sell video services to existing clients.

Producing video creates fundamental changes to your workflow. It requires new tools and techniques to take the step from photography to video. You need to learn what the new technologies mean to you from a photographer’s point of view. This is why Lee White, a professional photographer and educator, has created an intensive all day workshop to help guide you into video. This hands-on workshop will go in depth about each step of video production so you can start producing your own video and avoid some of the most dangerous pitfalls.

In the morning, Lee White will go over the fundamentals of video production and direct a plan for a shoot for the afternoon. In the afternoon, we will shoot, and edit and color grade the video.

The Saturday subjects will include:
• The importance of workflow including recording formats and how to use them to your advantage
• Estimating and planning combined photography and video shoots with forms for estimating video production
• Understanding the lighting, filming and sound techniques needed for video
• Hands on experience with camera, lighting and sound equipment
• Editing and color grading demonstrations
• Common issues in directing talent and a chance to direct yourself
• The importance of post-production

The latest equipment and software by sponsors Apple, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Zeiss,  Sennheiser, Beachtek. Red Giant Software, SmartSound, G-Technology, Indisystems and Casio will be at the event for photographers to see in action.

Lecture and workshop are sponsored by Pro Photo Supply and ASMP Oregon.

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Video Production Made Easy…Easier

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As a busy advertising photographer that also shoots video, I am always looking  for tools that make my job easier.  The right tool can make for a faster and more professional outcome.  One function that video cameras like the Panasonic HMC 40 have that is still lacking in the HDSLRs is the waveform. Photographers might think of the video waveform as the histogram turned on it’s side.  The bottom of the waveform (0) is like the left side of the histogram as it shows the shadow / dark values.  The top of the waveform (100) is like the right side of the histogram showing the highlights  /  bright values.  And just like the histogram, if the waveform bottoms out at or below 0 there will be no information in the shadow /darkest values.  The same holds true with the highlights / bright values, if the waveform peaks at or above 100, there will be no information in the highlights / brightest values.

In the picture below you can see the waveform in the LCD screen of the Panasonic HMC 40 where I have put a red box around it.  You can also see that the waveform does not touch either the top or bottom of the scale so there are no burned out highlights or dropped out shadow areas.  The waveform can help with both exposure and contrast ratio information as you shoot video.

Waveform in LCD of Panasonic HMC-40

The biggest difference is that you can see the video waveform as you view and shoot with the video camera rather than needing to shoot a still with the HDSLR and pull up the image file to view the histogram.  This makes adjusting exposure and judging contrast a realtime event, not an after the fact method.  Realtime saves time and I need all the time I can get while shooting.

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Charlotte Gets Secrets of Video Production for Photographers

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Secrets of Video Production for Photographers is coming to Charlotte on June 18 and 19. I’m looking forward to my first visit to what promises to be a charming city.

Friday night is going to be the APA evening presentation from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Paradox Film & digital where I give a basic outline of the process of video production. I do this keeping in mind video is an additional component to a still production. I will discuss the techniques and tools needed to do video production. See http://charlotte.apanational.com for more details.

Saturday’s workshop is always fun and informative as I have more time to really get into video production. In the morning, we look at the basics from a different point of view and then build on those basics including when to call in a post house like Rawworks to help. In the early afternoon we do some lighting and camera techniques followed by a short commercial shoot with the latest equipment from Manfrotto, Panasonic, Ziess, Marshall Electronics, Redrock Micro, Beachtek, Sennhieser, K-Tek, Hoodman, and LaCie. I then take that video into Final Cut Studio, edit it and output it for various distribution methods. The day gives anyone interested in video production a good outline to follow in video productions. See www.tiny.cc/june18 for more details.

Video production is changing by the day and can be confusing to photographers just getting into motion. Having a working understanding of the overall picture, helps give the photographer getting into video production an understanding of how to judge what equipment and software to use.

Christopher Lozano www.tlsHollywood.com did this time lapse click (MOVIE) of the LA evening presentation.

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Chicago Welcomes Secrets of Video Production

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Chicago was surprising.  As with the other cities, I had no doubt that the photography professionals attending would be welcoming but I had not expected the warmth they extended to me.  I did both my Secrets of Video Production for photographers evening presentation and Saturday workshop at Callie Lipkin’s very spacious studio.  Callie and her husband/studio manager Robert were great hosts and they have a great space that is also a rental, so if you are in need of a studio in Chicago, give them a call 773.853.2339.  APA’s Midwest director Megan was indispensible in getting things set up for my events.

Everyone was intent on learning about video production as this is a no nonsense group of professionals that see video production is the next stage of the now ever-changing landscape of professional image making.  They understand the days of being a pure professional photographer are fast disappearing and they are willing to take the next step, which is into video production.  I had at least two photographers  who drove from Columbus Ohio to attend.  Two more came from Milwaukee and plan on sharing what they learned with the rest of the crew at QuadPhoto.  Dave Busch of QuadPhoto was nice enough to send me an email that included the following quote, “The combination of facts, experiences and practical ideas you presented will undoubtedly save a lot of money and pain for any photographer that is just beginning to investigate video production.  Plus the tools, toys, and software you shared were a real eye opener for those of us who have already started shooting HD video with DSLR.  Thanks again for making the event well worth our time and the 180 miles we drove to attend!”

It was exciting to share with them some of the new development I saw at NAB a few days earlier in Vegas, including the exciting developments of Litepanels new hybrid LED that flash sync’s.  Zeiss’s new cine compact prime series was well as introducing them to Zeiss’s HDSLR series lenses for Canon and Nikon cameras.  Sonicfire’s new Voxal vocal albums and, of course, Redrock Micro’s upcoming wireless follow focus were just a few of the items I told them about.

I have no doubt that the Chicago professionals I met will have little problem making some great short form video content.  I look forward to them sharing some of their video experiences with me.

Workshop image including Lastolite light modifiers, Manfrotto 536 MPRO tripod (sticks) ©Megan Erskine

Lee White preparing to shoot commercial with model Maya using Marshall Electronics V-LCD70P-HDMI, Redrock Micro eyeSpy, Beachtech audio adapter DXA-5D ©callielipkin

Lee white talking about framing which is illustrated in the Marshall Electronics V-LCD70P-HDMI ©Megan Erskine

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Seattle hosts Video Production for Photographers

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“I found the information accurate and interesting and your presentation top-notch” – Richard Wieser video professional services for VMI Broadcast and Professional Video.

Seattle’s Secrets of Video Production for Photographers evening presentation and workshop was a blast.  Both events took place at the Seattle Pacific University, a beautiful campus in northern Seattle.  Along with my past sponsors of Apple, Manfrotto, Zeiss, Panasonic, Redrock Micro, Beachtek, Smartsound, Marshall Electronics, Sennheiser, LaCie, Hoodman USA, there were the new and very welcome sponsors of Rawworks, K-tek and Agencyaccess.

I’d like to say a little bit about these new sponsors who along with my other sponsors that help bring photographers across the nation the information photographers are going to need to compete in the new media world.  Rawworks is a post house, which means it finishes the video with editing, audio sweetening, color grading (color correction) and format conversions.  Although Rawworks handles all type of video, it has taken a special interest in HDSLR post-production.  I suggest before embarking on a video project involving serious post-production, consider talking to them.  Check out their website at hdirawworks.com.

K-Tek has also joined in spreading the video production information to photographers.  They added important items to the equipment I have been showing which are a superb shock mount and a combination fuzzy with shock mount.  These improve the sound quality by reducing the unwanted vibrations and wind noise that otherwise would be picked up by the microphone.  Their website is ktekbooms.com.

And, of course, all the right equipment and hard work in producing video means little if you are not letting the world know you have added this new service.   This is where Agencyaccess becomes an important part of your overall plan.  They can help you in getting the word out to potential clients by supplying you an up-to-date database of prospective clients and a wide variety of ways of getting your promotions designed and out to them.  To see more of their services, go to agencyaccess.com.

Friday evening’s group was there to find out what this new convergence of photography and video is going to mean to them and get a glimpse at the new tools and techniques they would need to use.  Richard Wieser of the VMI video, www.vmivideo.com, was there to answer questions for some of my sponsors like Panasonic, Sennheiser, and Marshall Electronics. VMI has stores in California and Washington and is an excellent resource for video gear.

Some of Saturday’s group already had upcoming projects that included a video component and were seriously looking for answers to the many questions shooting video brings up for the photographer.   I gave the group a good overview of how to get started and what to prepare for in video production.  I also had a chance to answer specific questions about individual photographer’s problems concerning their future productions.

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New York’s chance to see Secrets of Video Production for Photographers

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Tomorrow, February 11 New York gets to see the first of two video production events.  Thursday evening I will outline what photographers should consider in planning, estimating, techniques and tools when producing videos.   And, of course, I get to get away a Final Cut Studio $1000.00 value and Smartsound Sonicfire with royalty free music.

Saturday’s workshop, February 13, www.tiny.cc/nyfeb13 is where I can really get into what photographers need to know about pre-production, production and post-production.  We get to talk about video, do some lighting and shooting and then get into the editing of what we just shot.

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Atlanta “Secrets of Video Production for Photographers”

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There was another big turn out for my Atlanta “Secrets of Video Production for Photographers” given for APA Atlanta.  Along with gear I had from my sponsors Apple, Manfrotto, Zeiss, Panasonic, SmartSound, RedRock Micro, Beachtek, Marshall Electronics, Sennheiser, LaCie and Hoodman, Apple was there showing Final Cut Studio and gave away a $1000.00 Final Cut Studio suite of video editing software.  The Zeiss representative showed their special Canon and Nikon mount lenses with long focus barrels and color-matched glass.

Showcase camera store of Atlanta, a beautiful fully stocked professional camera store, also supplied additional gear from the above mentioned sponsors to give attendees a chance to see the various pieces of equipment up close and personal.

Big Studio, 404-874-6111, was a wonderful host of both the Thursday evening event and Saturday workshop.  It is a great studio to work in and Megan the studio manager was both gracious and professional.

Below are pictures Lindsay Lewis the director of APA Atlanta took during my evening presentation.  The first is me talking about the false color filter of Marshall Electronics V-LCD70P-HDMI monitor.  The second is me talking about the Sonicfire Pro program and five royalty-free multi music tracks.   I have arranged for every attendee to either of my events to get the music tracks for free.

Lee White with Marshall Electronic false color filter

The Saturday workshop was especially interesting for me, as I got to really delve into shooting video with stills then editing.   We talked about planning and equipment in the morning and after the lunch I provided from a tasty deli nearby, we got into the gear.

Everyone had a chance to try some hands on using a complete video rig.  I did a couple of lighting demos and shot a short commercial.  The picture below shows me shooting the commercial using a Reckrock Micro rig with a microFollowFocus geared to a Zeiss ZE 50mm F1.4 lens, on Manfrotto  sticks (tripod) and fluid head with a Beachtek 5d audio adapter cabled to a Sennheiser ME66 microphone.  On top of the rig, you can see the Marshall monitor showing the camera feed.  In the foreground is a Litepanels MicroPro LED light and in the background a medium Lastolite Skylite diffuser.

After shooting the video, I took it into Apple’s Final Cut Studio and showed how to transcode the files into a more edit friendly format using Compressor onto a LaCie rugged drive.  A step you can bypass when using video cameras from Panasonic.   Then I show everyone how to get the files into Final cut Pro, edit them into a commercial and output several distribution formats.  I ended the workshop by showing how easy it is to match music from SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro with video or pictures.

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Denver’s Video Production for Photographers

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Denver had a great turn out for my “Secrets of Video Production for Photographers” an APA-LA event that is a first step in building the APA Denver chapter. One photographer drove six hours through the snow, literally it snowed, I’m here, I saw it, to attend. First let me say the people in Denver are great, especially the folks at Denver Pro Photo who helped put on both last night’s Thursday APA event and the upcoming Saturday workshop.

If you are in Denver and need equipment, supplies or rental, Denver Pro Photo is the place to go. Beyond the well- stocked store, they also have a number of different size stages including a huge one, football field huge, plus a complete grip room.

Some of the sponsors like Zeiss with their long focus pull lenses, Marshall Electronics with their video monitors and SmartSound with royalty music, were there to answer specific questions on their video solutions. I understand a lot of this is completely new to photographers so it is good to have experienced resources to answer the large variety of questions photographers have.

I had a chance to meet some of the attendees and once again heard some unfortunate stories of jobs lost because the video component could not be handled. Some were as simple as snips for the web but it was smart of the photographers not to get into something they knew little about. It is much harder to get a client back after messing up a job than truthfully saying, presently, part of their needs cannot be met.

During the presentation there was lot’sa interaction and after the presentation, I had a chance to answer some questions about challenges some of the photographers were facing with learning video production.

I want to thank the nice lady who won the complete Final Cut Studio program that I personally provided for the raffle for giving me a hug. She was so excited.

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