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The NAB Experience

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I will admit that the first few times I walked the various halls at NAB, I was both a little lost and overwhelmed.  This, of course, was before the recent flood of equipment and software directed toward smaller more independent content makers, especially those using the procomsumer video cameras and HDSLRs.  The majority of the show is still directed at large productions and facilities but there is more and more short form equipment and software showing up each year.

It is so big it takes multiple days to comfortably walk through and have a chance to see even a good portion of the show.  Many of the booths have demos going so you want time to stop and see them.  Often there are a variety of products at each booth and so you might have to go back at a later time to catch the demo you’re most interested in.  All the booths have representatives that given time will go through personal demos and entertain your questions.  I got to see the latest from Manfrotto, Litepanels, Panasonic, Zeiss, RedRock Micro, Smartsound, Sennheiser, Marshall Electronics, Hoodman, K-Tek, and LaCie.  This year I saw a growth in small plug-in creators for Apple products.

There are also a variety of speakers and classes on just about anything to do with every aspect of video and broadcast.  A few are free and interesting but most of these cost some type of conference fee.

If you look around a bit on the web, you can usually find a free pass to the exhibit halls and depending on your pocket book this might be the best way to first experience NAB.  After a few times, there you’ll get up to speed and be in the know about the latest and greatest.

By the way, 3D is all the rage this year with booth after booth touting something involving 3D.  It seems to be up in the air just when and if 3D will truly become widely accepted or remain a mostly theater experience but either way you heard it here first and partly that is what NAB is about; finding out about what might be the next great hit.

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